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Kim, Tschang Yeul has been working on waterdrop painting for a long time. Still, he is painting drops of water. It seems like that he has a special reason which makes him keep working on it. However, he keeps silence about the reason. He even doesn't feel the necessity to explain it. On the contrary, he thinks that he should not talk about it. He will keep painting waterdrops tomorrow and the day after tomorrow without a word. He will just continue to do it without any big changes. When Kim makes a drop of water on canvas, the drop becomes a certain "thing" and is given an official form. It becomes an established fact. Despite, he keeps making another drops on another canvas as usual. This is not just a habitual thing for him. Like a training monk who is working bending himself forward for hours and days, he repeats the process. This is because the waterdrops filled with light are awaiting his calls in his studio. Like always, he concentrates on his work. / Kim, Tschang Yeul's canvas is full of drops of water. Then, all of a sudden, the light fills the canvas. However, when we try to take a look at it, we only can see unrecognizable dyestuff painted on canvas. Then, when we look at the canvas once again without thinking, it is filled with waterdrops. This is a trick of the eye so-called illusion. Only when we close our eyes, the painted dyes on canvas that we saw just before become to look like a waterdrop. The drop is something surreal which no one else has ever seen before. Or, since it is such a common thing, we cannot believe that it is really existing. When everything becomes quiet, its real entity comes out from our subconsciousness and delivers a concept. It is our consciousness, neither ‘existing’ or ‘nonexisting’, which is ever changing lying between ‘concept’ and ‘reality.’ Moreover it is the hemp cloth of loose and coarse texture which supports the shining waterdrop and the property as a dye painted from a special purpose.

From [The Parade of Silence], Yongdae Kim

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