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  • Danse de lumière
  • Danse de lumière
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Bang Hai Ja - Constellation
Hyundai Hwarang

Bang Hai Ja graduated from Kyunggi Girls’ High School and Seoul National University. After leaving to go study painting in France(1961), she has been working vigorously between Seoul and Paris. Bang as a child, once saw the sunlight glistening on a stream and wondered ‘How can I paint the light?’ which grew as the seed for her oeuvres. Awed by the beauty of light, Bang dedicated over 50 years to constantly capture her inner light onto a canvas.

Known as ‘the painter of light’, Bang incorporates dakji, felt, naturalistic pigments such as natural dye, soil, colored stone powder and sand into her recurring motifs of light. Bang’s works may visualize the phenomena of light. However in essence, Bang reveals her inner light with meditation and composition. Lights in her works, controlled yet subtle give the deep echo of warmth to the viewers. Bang’s search for the light is ever-changing through her experiments with various mediums and delicate colors.

Constellation features Bang’s recent works from 2012 to present, including Cœur de lumière, Naissance de lumière, Danse de lumière, Particules de lumière, Bang’s representation for various forms and movements of the light. The exhibition is anticipated to dimly reveal the wonders of life and the universe through variations of subject and Bang’s life long search for the light.

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