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  • Desert Flower
  • Stone Bridge
  • Lace Curtain
  • Shadow Angel
  • Watering in the Garden
  • Fullmoon Bath
  • St. Bart Island

While attending Hongik University in Seoul, she went to USA and graduated from the State University of Illinois, USA and its graduate school. In 1976, she had her first individual exhibition at Myeongdong Gallery and further held more than 30 times individual exhibitions and participated in tens of group exhibitions and planned & invitational exhibitions in Korea, Japan and USA. She was awarded with Stein Painting Prize of 1975 and was selected This Year's Artist(1995) by the UN. As her reputable works, there are Silence, Gold Tree, A woodcut print of the Full Moon with a woman and the collaborated works of Until we get the face, A man with a stick. Her works are generally simple but contain the profound stories. She draws out the imaginated world of the extraordinary experience like writing a diary on the paper or the boxed panel. Consequently there is no room for such difficult abstract theory and the spreading post modernism. Her drawing pattern as smooth as the water flows with typical colors has no elaborate calculation and intention like that of a animation but easily and directly approach anybody.

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