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  • Work 86-C
  • Work 82-G
  • Work 85-A
  • Work 82-F
  • Work 86-V
  • Work 84-S

Born in Daegu, South Korea, Insik Quac (1919-1988) graduated from Nihon Art School in Tokyo, followed by the vigorous engagement in the international art scene of his time. The artist participated in the 1969 Sao Paulo Biennial and the 1976 Sydney Biennial. Gallery Hyundai introduced the artist to the Korean art scene in 1982 by organizing his first solo exhibition in Korea. In 1985, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea organized a major retrospective exhibition of his works. Until 1960s, Quac had been known as a contemporary artist with a wide range of practice, such as the avant-garde art, in Japan. From the late 1970s, he took on an artistic endeavor to produce clear and transparent images on flat surfaces of Hanji, which are simplified in oval shapes.

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