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House, Family, Nature and Chang Ucchin

Hyundai Hwarang presents House, Family, Nature and Chang Ucchin commemorating the 30th anniversary of the artist’s death.
Chang Ucchin is widely revered for his unique and unparalleled art practices in Korean modern and contemporary art. The ordinary and every day subjects celebrated in this exhibition are depicted on the canvas with particularities often seen in children’s paintings with their warm shapes and friendly colors. Under his mantra “I am simple,” the aesthetics are rooted in the artist’s utopic simplicity embedded in the small-scale paintings.
As the title alludes, the exhibition focuses on the major subjects of Chang’s oeuvre. Covering his entire career arc, each painting reflects the zeitgeist of an artist who experienced the turbulent epochs of Korea’s modern history including Japanese colonization, the Korean War and massive industrialization.
A “House” that is expressed solely by simple squares and triangles is the shelter protecting the artist and his family from the aftermath of the war’s destruction. Throughout his life, the time spent in his houses and the ateliers contained within them become almost synonymous with this works. Specific times in Deokso, Myeongnyun-dong, Suanbo and Singal serve as benchmarks in discussing his artistic practice. The “Family” becomes emblematic of exceptional happiness and love supporting the artist as an exceptional being in every aspect allowing him to fully follow his path. “Nature” is imbued with the idyllic serving not only as a nest for his house and family but as a place of peace where humans and animals coexists with Taoistic implications.
The exhibition provides an opportunity to explore the humor and freedom that is unlocked by the seeming naivety exuding from the artist’s elegantly manifested visual language. We invite you to experience Chang’s visual language through the fifty major works on display in this exhibition.

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