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Paper, Ink and Fire: After the Process
Main space

Gallery Hyundai is pleased to present 'Paper, Ink and Fire: After the Process', the gallery’s inaugural exhibition with Minjung Kim. At the gallery’s space in Seoul, the exhibition features new and recent works that combines Korean mulberry paper (known as Hanji) with ink and fire.

For almost thirty years, Minjung Kim has explored Western and Asian art movements transcending them to create works characterised by layered compositions, distinct shapes and a remarkable intricacy. With a practical and intellectual subtlety, alongside ink she uses fire to draw, at times burning edges or perforating carefully cut and collaged paper with a flame to generate a three-dimensional effect. This seemingly constrained use of materials brings to light a formal richness and unsuspected poetic variations in the artist’s work which consistently reflects concentration and contemplation.

Born in Gwangju, Korea, Minjung Kim grew up studying Oriental calligraphy. In the 1980s, whilst at Hongik University in Seoul, the artist studied under now-established Dansaekhwa masters. She left Korea for Italy in 1991 to study the work of 20th century Western artists influenced by Oriental painting and now lives between the US and France. This personal experience and varied artistic education in contact with both Western and Eastern art is reflected in the artist’s work. She always executes her work on the floor, in keeping with Oriental tradition and shares the belief that gesture and form hold profound spiritual and expressive value.

Included in the exhibition are works from the artist’s ongoing series Phasing that combine complex paper layering, ink markings and burning to form biomorphic shapes with repeating patterns. On the first sheet of a paper, a calligraphic gesture that appears spontaneous and almost impossible to reproduce is made. On a second sheet, Minjung Kim maps the first one, and matches the ink markings with burns. These overlaid layers of paper provide a chronological dimension and symbolise layers of time. Exhibited for the first time is Petal, a series of new works where overlapping circular shapes are built up to create new arresting compositions.

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