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  • Pi
  • Self Portrait
  • 7.2 cm π
  • The Alaemma
  • About 8cm
  • Moving Right Angle
  • Angle I
  • Right Angle V
  • Triangle between infinities
  • 7.3cm 90-I

TCHAH SUP KIM explores principles of the cosmos through nature and its phenomena and raises questions on the universal truth that human being has developed in our history. The reversed maps in his work indicate the south as an ideal direction, through which the artists can divert the occidental point of view. Also, KIM locates Korean peninsula with Masangbei, made of goat’s horn, at the center of the reversed world map, and by doing so, he emphasizes the national identity of Korean. KIM searches for the mysteries through stones of riverside and Analemma that math and science have not yet resolved, and stays in lacuna seeking for the unknown stories of our history.

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