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  • Warmth of Sky
  • Reunion
  • Wave
  • Spiral

Known as the precursor to geometric abstract art in Korea, Han Mook was born in 1914 and began to receive the recognition in the 1970s. His keen observational eye for spatial relationtships and the language of abstract geometric structures left an indelible impression on modern Korean art. Upon the completion of his degree at Kawadan Painting School in Japan, the artist lived in the northern area of Korean peninsula but moves down to the south with his colleagues during the Korean War. His artistic career grew active from this period as he began to associate with artistic circles such as Kijo-hoe in the 50s and Modern Art Association thereafter. Despite the reputable success as an artist and stabilized career as a professor of Art, Han Mook decidely moves to Paris in 1961 at his age of 47 and single-mindedly delves into his artistic endeavors. Through the abstract impulses that engulf his canvas, the artist attempts to capture the pureness and absolutness that transcends time and space.

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